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Jolyon Rubinstein

In 2011, Jolyon began developing an idea that what would turn into the 2013 BAFTA winning BBC3 programme The Revolution Will Be Televised. The series produced by Hat Trick Productions turns the spotlight on politicians, self-obsessed narcissistic celebrities and bonus-guzzling bankers. He, with his long term friend and comedy partner Heydon Prowse, bring their unique brand of humour, originally established withDon’t Panic Online owner and journalist Joe Wade, to a broader TV audience. The show, described as Trigger Happy TV meets Newsnight, was first in 2012 to rave reviews.

The second series of The Revolution Will Be Televised hit screens in 2013 and the third broadcast at the start of 2015. Both Jolyon and Heydon also went on to create & star in "Revolution Presents: Democracy Dealers", again with Hattrick for BBC3. 

Jolyon's most recent TV work in 2015, "An Idiots Guide to Politics", was broadcast on BBC3 and produced by Renegade Pictures. Through a series of pranks, stunts and some very serious interviews, Jolyon attemps to understand what it is that is disengaging the younger generation from Politics. 

Jolyon was also the face and razor sharp wit of the viral video Can I Be Your Friend?. Created for the ENO production of ‘Two Boys’, the viral peaked at no 2 in the UK for over 7 days and was 5th globally. It reached 1,000,000 views in less than two weeks and is now the highest viewed video ever for an arts organisation and continues to be shared.

Jolyon also achieved success with a political viral in the run up to the 2010 general election, clocking up over 200,000 hits on YouTube & Yahoo before polling day. He was described by one web enthusiast as Jamie Theakston and Charlie Brooker’s illegitimate love child!

Jolyon aims to pick up the torch that Sasha Baron Cohen’s comic creations have left burning and stoke the fire with political satire & a current affairs agenda. He was given his first break in the industry straight out of University by his comedy hero, Chris Morris. Jolyon comes with elephant sized balls and a whale thick skin. But then he had to really, with a name like Jolyon he was never going to be part of the herd!

He is as comfortable taking on the persona of a Tory activist in the midst of a police kettle as he is in a studio environment. Whether it be political parties, the military or the dubiously ethical private contractors who profiteer off the tax payer, no topic is off limits.

Jolyon is also an expereinced producer. 

Twitter: @JolyonRubs



2015 - Revolution Presents: Democracy Dealers - Hattrick for BBC3 

2015 - An Idiots Guide to Politics - Renegade pictures for BBC3 

2012 - 2015 The Revolution Will Be Televised – Series 1 - 3 - Hat Trick for BBC3


2014 - Revolution Special - A Radio Doc for BBC6music 


2013 BAFTA for Best Comedy Programme for The Revolution Will Be Televised

2013 Broadcast Digital Award for Best Entertainment Programme for The Revolution Will Be Televised

2012 Revolution Awards - Finalist for Can I Be Your Friend?

2012 New Media Age Award - Finalist for Can I Be Your Friend?

2011 Gold Lovie Award for Branded Content for Don’t Panic Online