Female Presenters

Mona Yousefi

Mona is a fearless character comedian and writer best known for her creation of middle eastern business woman Tallah Khosravian @tallahbizness; just one of her characters that featured on her BBC3 show Going Native.

Website: http://www.tallahkhosravian.com/

Mona is a maverick and her entry into TV was unconventional. In her early days, she created and filmed a taster tape of her comedy show Mayhem Makers. With no contacts in television, she tied a trailer of her show to a helium balloon and took it to Channel 4. She was politely asked to leave. Unperturbed, she paid the post room boy ten pounds to put the trailer on the comedy commissioner’s desk and the rest after that is history…

Channel 4 liked it enough to commission an episode of Mayhem Makers, which Mona wrote, directed and produced. It aired on E4 as part of the Funny Cuts strand in 2007. This led to Mona winning the BBC Dragon's Den Comedy Award and audience vote at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival.

Since then, Mona has carefully crafted multi-layered characters which she plays herself, including – Tallah Khosravian a Middle-Eastern business woman, Wakana Fukui @wakanafukuia Japanese Lolita girl and Natascha Leboushkin @nataschaussr a Russian social climber. 

Since creating Tallah, she has performed this character in two pilots for the BBC including Funny Plus One, where she showcased Tallah as stand-up in front of a live studio audience of 600. This was her first ever stand-up gig and the response confirmed to Mona to continue to perform Tallah live and bring her ‘Business Rules’ onto other stand-up stages. Only a few gigs after this, she was in the Final of the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2012.

Mona has been in development with Hat Trick Productions and has recently created a hilarious, brave and bonkers mockumentary ‘Going Native, which follows her three foreign characters as they try to settle into the UK for very different reasons.

Mona’s characters interact with unsuspecting people in the real world who do not realise they are being set up for comic situations and self-revealing ridicule. Mona totally immerses herself into the characters, to the extent of learning foreign languages and suffering injury to create believable, bullet proof personas that fool anyone that she comes into contact with. Her show was commissioned by BBC as an on air and online pilot and was premiered on BBC 3 last year.


2013 Going Native (writer, actor/characters: Tallah Khosravian, Wakana Fukui, Natascha Leboushkin ) - Hat Trick for BBC 3
2012 Help Me I'm only Human Pilot (actor) - Hat Trick for Sky 1
2012 Hacked Off! Pilot (actor/character: Madame Leboushkin) - Hat Trick for Channel 4
2012 The Revolution Will Be Televised (various un-credited roles) - Hat Trick for BBC 3
2011 Funny Plus One Pilot (actor/character: Tallah Khosravian) - In house for BBC 3
2011 Hatstand Pilot (actor/character: Tallah Khosravian) – Hat Trick for BBC 1
2011 Gadget Show (presenter) - Marjan TV Networks for Manoto 1
2010 Tallah Khosravian's Self Help Bizness DVD (writer, producer, director, actor/character: Tallah Khosravian) 
2007 Mayhem Makers (director, writer, producer) – Boomerang (Wales) for E4 


2012 Laughing Horse New Act of the year - Finalist


2012 Sri Lanka's Killing Fields - Don't Panic for Channel 4