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Brent Zillwood

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Brent Zillwood is an on screen personality and Presenter who first captured the publics attention as a contributor on Channel 4 is BAFTA Nominated series The Undateable’s.

Prior to this Brent had been making waves behind the scenes since he began film making at the tender age of 14. He became involved in community films as an editor and presenter in his childhood home of Somerset, working alongside Barbara Evans, BBC producer for ‘Animal Park’. Following this Brent received his diagnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome; this led to him appearing on local radio and ‘BBC Ouch’ discussing the correlation of creativity and mental health. His enthusiasm and charisma soon garnered the attention of BBC points west, which in 2009 requested to interview Brent about how he had been using his filmmaking and creativity to control his Tourette’s syndrome. This meeting allowed Brent to become involved with ITV Fixers, where he then wrote, produced and directed his own two part short film seriesBrent vs Tourettes. The film went on to win ‘Strongest Film’ in the South West at the ITV Fixers Awards  in 2011. Following this ITV Fixers commissioned Brent to create a second film,Sammy Vs Tourettes All of this before Brent was out of his teens.


Since graduating from Plymouth College Of Art in 2012 with an Honours degree in Film Arts, Brent won Best Production Design at Prime Cuts Film Festival for his final major, a short drama entitled Cross My Heart. His passion and drive for film led to his work being showcased at exhibitions at the Tate Britain and England’s first Dance Film Festival in London as well as official selections at London Lift Off Film Festival.


Brent has a keen interest in campaigning for disability rights and mental health awareness. In 2015 Spirit of 2012 Trust invited Brent to collaborate on a short film with Tourettes Hero Jess Thom about the public perceptions of disability.


Brent continues to use his natural charisma on and off screen to create inspiring stories and open up topics of discussion. In his spare time Brent produces short comedy sketches and continues to train as a developing producer with Emmy Award winning 104 Films Production Company. He is currently filming with  World of Weird  for Channel 4, as well as presenting and producing pilot for a short film series with Channel 4 on demand titled My F*ucked Brain.