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Gemita Samarra

Stuntwoman, Environmentalist, Activist & Founder of My Name is Human

As a stunt woman, charity founder, documentary producer, photojournalist and adventure athlete, Gemita has been cramming as much as possible into her 26 years on Earth. Gemita grew up as a professional athlete, competing on the international circuit in show jumping, swimming and also modern pentathlon, and enjoys martial arts, surfing, rock climbing and free diving which gave her a wide variety of skills to start a career in stunts. She got her first stunt job at 16 years old, specialising in underwater performing and later saw her performing a wide variety of stunts on land as well for movies such as 007’s Spectre, Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, Kingsman; The Secret Service and Game of Thrones, of which she also had an acting role in season 5.

A few years into working in the film industry, Gemita realised she wanted to pursue a life in something that had more depth and meaning to her. With a huge passion in environmental conservation, human and animal rights, she shifted her focus and utilised the money from movies to fund documentaries and community projects on the ground.

In 2017 Gemita founded an organisation called My Name is Human- a project focusing on long term, impactful solutions for refugees and the homeless. After hitting rock bottom and being homeless on the streets herself for a few months earlier in the year, Gemita had a new way of looking at how to work with vulnerable people. She found that organisations were missing the key ingredient of making the people they work with feel like actual human beings instead of numbers and statistics, so she took a new approach. First she started by doing community outreach in London, building trust and personal relationships with the homeless community and found common interests an then started taking them to do things they loved most, such as the cinema, library and museums, rock climbing and swimming. She noticed a bigger shift in behaviour and a new positive outlook on life growing within the community she worked with, and that was the birth of My Name is Human as a movement.

This has now developed into a global organisation [My Name is Human] working mainly in Uganda, London, Turkey, Greece and across the USA. Gemita has also worked on building community gardens with the homeless to provide food and in some places including transitional housing and mental health support. Recently she has started developing a community garden x sports compound in Turkey for refugees.

My Name is Human’s vision is to help displaced people have access to the tools they need to help rebuild their own lives as well as the lives of others in their position, whilst making a positive impact on the environment. Most of MNIH projects are in Uganda, working with a women’s group in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. On International Women’s Day 2019, Gemita and the women’s group started a project called ‘The Other 364’- a project empowering women for the other 364 days that aren’t women’s day. Each month for 12 months, the women focus on a new Sustainable Development Goal project to activate in the camp. Some of the months include projects such as building a waste management and recycling facility, building water filters to provide clean drinking water and making reusable sanitary pads.

Gemita also works and partners with multiple other organisations, including , Karam House and Happy Caravan, and has also worked with an undercover organisation tackling sex trafficking and child slavery in West and Eastern Europe.

Gemita’s dream is to continue her work with My Name is Human, work on campaigns and partner with brands that align with her vision, and produce/direct social impact documentaries and commercials.