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Matthew Miller

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Matthew, originally from California, offers his UK clients the full Venice Beach fitness experience. His sunny and enthusiastic outlook is infectious and this goes to explain his many success stories as a personal trainer.

After having a titanium hip replacement ten years ago, Matthew started training and hasn’t looked back since. Through a tailored programme of fitness and a complete diet overhaul, he overcame this de-habilitating set-back and now uses himself as the best example of a living proof that you can achieve life-changing results through a proper regime of nutrition, exercise and self-belief!

From that point on, fitness became his life. He studied at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and trained in Palaquin, Duchaine nutrition and metabolic optimisation. Matthew started competing in bodybuilding professionally, enjoying success winning medals in the superheavyweight division three times. He then moved into personal training helping others achieve their goals.

Matthew works with clients in a series of techniques from exercise to nutrition to achieve optimum results. He prides himself on inspiring body confidence, which then leads to positive changes in many areas of his client’s lives. Past clients have achieved life changing body metamorphosis, over-come serious illnesses and health conditions, and have experienced improved personal relationships.

Matt had his first role on television in the unusual but hysterical Fat Fighters on Channel 4.


Date: 2012
Production (role):
Fat Fighters
Channel 4


  • Date
    Production (role)
  • Date: 2012
    Production (role): Fat Fighters
    Company: Channel 4