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Michelle Thomas

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After being body-shamed by a Tinder date for not being “a slip of a girl”, Michelle Thomas wrote the most talked-about blog of 2015, and was hailed as “the international postergirl for feminist badassery”. That’ll teach him.
As the blog racked up 330,000+ views, Michelle gained global followers of all ages after appearing on CHICAGO NEWS, ARIZONA NEWS, THE T.D. JAKES SHOW, AUSSIE NEWS and Loose Women here in the UK.
The debate rages on. Michelle is the go-to advice-giver on body confidence and positivity, and has been contacted by men and women from all over the world simply wanting to share their story with her. Her story – her character – resonates powerfully with a loyal and ever-growing fanbase.
Michelle is currently working on a book based on her body positivity movement; a call to arms to reclaim our bodies. It’s called Healthy Happy Hot – because if you aim for the first two, the third takes care of itself.
Michelle’s other writing project is an anthology of stories bought from strangers and documented verbatim for £1. You can read her blog here.
In the last few months Michelle has written regularly for The StylistStandard IssueBDC Wire (Boston), and the IndependentIn coming weeks she will be writing regularly for