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If you are a screenwriter, playwright, or indeed a writer for any dramatic medium – whether that be for radio, podcasts, all new media etc – then we would be happy to consider your work for representation.

Work – and it needs to be completed work, i.e. not a pitch, treatment, or outline – should be emailed to us along with a brief covering note, telling us a little bit about yourself.

It should be one piece of work. We need to see what you feel is most representative of your voice.

You should submit it to us at Your material will then be allocated to an agent for consideration.

Please bear in mind that due to pressure of work any response will by no means be immediate, and we are unable to give specific feedback.

Most importantly, please remember that all taste is subjective. If you strike out with us, then don’t give up. Someone else may have a totally different opinion.

Do, though, please note the following:

  • We do not accept any submissions from North America.

  • We are only able to accept submissions via email. Any hard copies posted in will be neither read, nor returned.

  • While we are able to consider material for representation, we are not able to, and do not, share unsolicited material with our clients.

Any information provided as part of your submission may be processed by ITG in accordance with ITG’s Privacy Notice

Please note that due to a high volume of submissions we are unable to respond to everyone. If you have not heard from us within two months, please assume we are unable to offer you representation.