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The Brit List – TV

18 November 2019






Genre: Darkly comedic, provocative drama.

Summary: A pregnant girl and a scared nun are forced together to find some kind of freedom in the last remaining Mother and Baby Home in 90s Ireland

RYAN J BROWN – Only Child

Genre: Crime thriller

Summary:  A grieving mother from a small northern town finds new life in the dangerous pursuit of the serial killer who framed her daughter for mass murder.

CONOR KEANE – Samson and Goliath

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Sean Colgan owns Belfast’s third biggest party hire company. He’s also killed 16 people for the IRA. When a victim’s body shows up after 20 years, his past – and his old colleagues – come back to haunt him.


Genre: Character-led drama

Summary: A family of black women decide to take justice into their own hands after the youngest daughter is injured in a drive-by shooting. Crashing together drama, humour and action, the series explores how far we are willing to go to protect our family and what we’ll let slide in the name of love.


Genre: Drama

Summary: A drama with humour about a young poet trying to survive a hostile London whilst going through an identity crisis about being mixed race.

LEE COAN – When I’m not Around

Genre: Family Comedy Drama

Summary: Nine year old gymnast Amelie’s cancer diagnosis puts pressure on her family. Despite their best attempts to cope, her ex-serviceman father struggles to find a job, her sister is bullied, and her mother tries to work out how to balance Amelie’s illness and her desire to live a normal life.


Genre:  Thriller

Summary: When a woman is accused of stealing another woman’s baby from a hospital 17 years earlier, her shocking past crashes into her perfect present to devastating effect.


Genre: Thriller

Summary:  An undercover CIA agent starts to lose faith in his country when his mission forces him to deceive and abuse his fellow Americans.


Genre: Dramedy 

Summary:  Tackling the taboo of female anger, this is an irreverent and provocative comedy series about a young woman’s journey to confront her crippling rage, after a clip of her hitting her boyfriend in a public, lambrini soaked outburst goes viral.

NAMSI KHAN – Brown Tape

Genre: Family Thriller

Summary:  British Pakistani immigrant, Saad Maliq, attempts to settle old scores and claim control of Manchester’s drug trade by intercepting a shipment of Afghani heroin.

ASHLEY SANDERS – Four Nineteen

Genre: Grounded Sci-fi Mystery Thriller

Summary: Fifteen years ago a four-year-old boy was mysteriously abducted one night at 4:19 am and later returned. This event will change the past of some but the future of all.