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Dr Mya-Rose Craig


20-year-old Dr MyaRose Craig D.Sc. h. c. is a prominent British Bangladeshi birder, conservationist & environmentalist. She is committed to conservation such as stopping biodiversity loss and saving our planet through halting climate change, whilst respecting indigenous peoples, and highlighting Global Climate Justice as it intersects with Climate Change Action. She focuses her attention on change from governmental and huge global corporations.

Launched in 2021, Mya-Rose’s podcast #getbirding helps budding bird watchers to connect with wildlife in their own gardens, streets and local parks. She talks to Britain’s top experts who give advice on birds to watch out for as we move through the year. Follow on social media for updates @getbirdingpod on all platforms.

She writes a blog, Birdgirl, gives talks having spoken on a shared stage with Greta Thunberg, writes articles, also appearing on TV and radio. For her work as Founder and President of Black2Nature, which she set up at age 13, she is the youngest British person to be awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science age 17 for her work fighting for equal access to nature and for ethnic diversity in the environmental sector. In September 2020 she visited the Arctic with Greenpeace, highlighting the second lowest sea ice minimum and doing the most northerly youth strike ever.

Follow MyaRose on, Twitter @Birdgirl.UK and Instagram @birdgirluk