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Leah (Leahviathan)

Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Content Creator & Host

Leah established herself on Twitch in 2015 as a variety streamer and has since amassed over 170k followers on Twitch alone. As an avid gamer, Leah is fully immersed in the gaming industry, leading her to work with some of the top brands and developers in the space. Through 2017-2019 she worked for Xbox UK as a presenter and live-stream coordinator, before returning to full-time streaming and presenting in 2020. She has since presented regularly for Forza Monthly and hosted the very popular Dying 2 Know series for Techland in anticipation of the release of hit game, Dying Light 2.
Leah is currently an ambassador for Logitech Gaming and streams regularly every week on her Twitch channel. Leah has worked with a number of the top brands in and outside of gaming including, Ford, Xbox, Playstation, Bungie, Asus, Wizards of the Coast and many more.