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Alannah Olivia


Represented by:

Alex Rusher
Alannah is a writer/director from Cyprus and Egypt with a particular
interest in creating diverse stories for the unrepresented. Alannah grew up
in North London, where all the Cypriot’s live surrounded by kebab juice
and Churches. After being kicked out of school, Alannah began performing
as an outlet for a lot of energy!
Alannah created a teaser for an original TV show called OLIVES, which was
then taken into development with BBC Drama. She is also writing two
episodes of an original horror TV series for Channel 4 Drama with The
Forge. Alannah has an original, action/adventure drama series SAVAGE in
development with BBC Drama and Eleven Films.
Alannah is currently writing an episode of SWEETPEA for Sky, and was
recently in the writers room for Season Two of Boarders for the BBC.
Alannah was also in the writers room for Delicious (Sky) and Flack starring
Anna Paquin.
Alannah’s short film that she wrote and directed; Taarof ‘a verbal dance’ is
now available on the BFI website for a year as part of a season of films
curated by Tape Collective called ‘But where are you really from?’
exploring mixed heritage identity. The film will also be showing at the BFI
Southbank this summer.
Alannah’s debut feature film I DON’T EAT MEAT! which was developed
through Creative England Ifeatures scheme, is now in development with
the BFI and Film 4. (