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Simon Frederick

As a child, British artist Simon Frederick was told by his Caribbean grandmother that he had a gift of ‘being able to see people’. It is precisely this ability to reveal the character and the soul of his subject and to present them beautifully that defines Frederick’s work as so incredibly unique and arresting. Its his relaxed psycho-semiotic approach that allows, Frederick to peel back layer by layer, capturing his subjects with sensitivity and a raw, unprecedented honesty that captivates our attention as viewers. In fact the Portuguese press credited the artist with the quote “The images of Simon Frederick, have changed the face of political photography in Portugal for ever.”

Highly regarded to be at the vanguard of his discipline, artist, photographer and Director Simon Frederick’s work spans from celebrity portraiture to art exhibitions to global advertising campaigns and Television. He is best known for his recent roles as a lead judge and co-host alongside, film royalty, Isabella Rossellini on Sky Arts’ programme, Master of Photography and for the ground breaking tv series that he conceived, produced and directed, Black Is The New Black for BBC Two.

Frederick is regarded as a new breed of auteur, such is his unique ability to create visual and emotional resonance that is marking him out as one to watch.