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James Lucas is a British/New Zealand Oscar-winning writer and director. After graduating from film school at London Metropolitan, being a Writer/Researcher at Talkback Television and an Assistant Editor at Tank Magazine, James began working at Ridley Scott’s RSA Films.

His role expanded quickly, becoming an in-house Creative Strategist – conceptualizing and developing branded entertainment for the likes of Paul Smith, Triumph and Johnny Walker. He has also executive produced projects for the likes of Jaeger and O2.

Simultaneously, he composed original music for commercials and film; undertaking projects for clients such as NOW TV, Wallpaper Magazine, Orange, BBC and Sega, as well as finding the time to perform as a cast member in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

In 2013 he wrote and produced a short film called ‘The Phone Call’, with director Mat Kirkby and starring Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent. The film went on to win 16 international film festival awards, including Best Narrative Short at Tribeca Film Festival.

In February 2015, James Lucas won the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film for the film.

Since then James has been developing a number of film and television projects, including:

‘Whina’ a New Zealand biopic about the irrepressible and controversial social activist and provocateur Dame Whina Cooper, who fought for Maori rights and led the iconic 1975 Maori Land March. Completed, General Film Company.

‘Moss & Freud’ the compelling and unusual love story of when Kate Moss sat for Lucian Freud. An uncompromising depiction of what makes and made these two enigmatic British icons tick. Pre-production, GFC/XYZ Films.

‘The Phoenix of Gloucester’ – a short commissioned by Xiaomi,  written and directed by Lucas. The film was shot 100%, in its entirety, on a Xiaomi 12S mobile phone. Completed, HWY Films.

A limited TV series caper called ‘The Oil Barons of Essex’. Based on real life events, a devious group of traders bet on oil prices going negative, with outrageous results. In Development, GFC.

James loves his family, snowboarding, ‘Diva’ & ‘The Deerhunter’, Jazz, Gauguin, motorbikes and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He recently qualified as a Day Skipper and beatifies the gastronomy of Keith Floyd.